Relationship Of Diabetes With Infection Fungus

Relationship Of Diabetes With Infection Fungus

On diabetics often complain with a variety of primary and secondary disease diabetes.

A secondary disease of diabetes is one that often occurs in people with diabetes is itching and fungal infections of the skin.

Why diabetes can lead to primary and secondary illnesses?

The primary condition of the disease caused the body cannot produce sufficient amounts of insulin in the body.

The condition of secondary diabetes is humid environmental conditions became a major trigger of why some people who suffer from diabetes are often grown mushroom leather.

Primary and secondary conditions are related relationships where insulin is produced by the human body where insulin is not able to change the blood sugar and the fungus grows on the condition.

Insulin is a hormone regulator of blood sugar which is produced by the pancreas, an organ of the body that a shortage of the hormone insulin is not able to work in regulating sugar in the blood circulation and more likely caused by the condition of the sufferers have undergone acute diabetes where there is increased blood tests examined blood sugar above the recommended limits.

How the heck normal limit and the highest blood sugar in people?

According to the normal range of blood sugar health no restrictions in benchmark where one's blood sugar levels could change where activity is eating, sleeping, moving also affects the sugar levels in the blood of a person.
  • Normal blood sugar levels in adults before eating: 70-130 mg/dl
  • During sleep: 100-140 mg/dl
  • During fasting (not eating within 8 hours): 100 mg/dl
  • After a meal (2 hours after a meal): 180 mg/dl

The highest normal blood sugar levels in adults

The condition of the blood sugar levels more than 200 mg/dl is the lowest limit of the diabetics in the condition people will experience hyperglycemia.

About the highest limits a person's blood sugar levels become a benchmark standard where if blood sugar more than 200 mg/dl indicative toward diabetes.

Then, what is the relationship of diabetes with fungal diseases?

Diabetics have a vulnerability to attack infection of bacteria, fungi, virus where the condition we will explain further below.

The Relationship Of Diabetes With Mold

Since we have discussed about the yeast infection, then the virus infection is not our input in the discussion on the relationship of diabetes with mushrooms.

A yeast infection is a secondary factor of diabetes complications where there is a connection associated with the disease of diabetes as a primary factor in the disease.

Factors Trigger Diabetes In People Like Mushrooms

Factors of high blood sugar levels is the favorable conditions for the fungus to proliferate and cause infection.

Environmental factors are moist and the sufferer living on that environment, then mushrooms like diabetics.

Another trigger factor there is damage to the blood vessels and reduced the ability of white blood cells in tackling infection on the skin so that diabetics are difficult in wound healing in which blood clotting disorders occur in closing wounds so the wounds are not healed trigger infections and fungi.

Therefore, you need to control the blood sugar levels by way of testing your blood sugar at least 4 x a day with blood sugar checks a lot on sale in the market or online stores and do not forget to do a treatment against fungal infections of the skin.

Why is skin fungus often strikes people with diabetes?

From the explanation above factors coupled with the fungus requires glucose or sugar in a high amount to support live and grow and develop fungus, so if you observe people diabetes in General, there is a secondary symptom of skin diseases such as mushrooms on the area of limbs, folds of the thighs, on the sidelines of the hand, etc.

Complaints that appear on diabetics are allergies and itching in the area that kai mentioned above and in the condition of skin fungus has infected sufferers.

What fungus about diabetes?

Yeast infections are often about diabetics i.e., candidiasis is a fungal infection of the skin that is famous with the name of the fungus Candida albicans.

This is not about candidiasis yeast people diabetes alone, but in a normal person is also potentially assault on your skin.

But in people with diabetes, skin fungus is growing more fertile and do cruel infection where infection is more widespread and about more specific areas.

Specific infection of the skin of fungus

The specific located of infection of skin fungus is:
  • The folds of the thighs
  • Armpit folds
  • The bottom of the breast
  • Ladies of the vaginal area and result in vaginal discharge
  • Men in skortum area and folds of the thighs look skin blackened by mildew
  • In addition to the fungus Candida albicans yeast other skin types like the diabetics is the fungus Tinea Pedis (cladocera)
  • Tinea Cruris
  • Tinea (ringworm) corporis

So diabetics in addition to do health care diabetes also don't forget to check the skin fungus, for if left this fungal infection with a cruel doing on your skin.

Then how to skin fungus treatment in diabetics?

Treatment Of Fungal Skin Infections In Diabetics

Do the treatment appropriately i.e. with steps like the following:

1. Control your blood sugar regularly

Perform routine blood sugar control with a blood sugar checks a day 3 x can monitor the progression of your daily blood sugar.

When your blood sugar is high above 200 mg/dl, please consult your doctor about the right remedy for your complaint.

2. Keep your diet

If you have diabetes disease they would as much as possible you must maintain a healthy diet which is low in sugar diets recommend to you.

Food and drinks containing sugar is high indeed you should avoid so your blood sugar does not increase above the normal limits of the recommended blood sugar health.

However, if your blood sugar drop or under 70mg/dl, then you are obliged to compensate or add sugar corresponding measure in your diet menu, where that condition known as Hypoglycemia or symptoms of blood sugar can also experience a sharp decline or drop due to dietary and activities that make diabetics experience that condition.

3. Keep Your environment clean

Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment can minimize the possible attack of fungi, viruses and bacteria that can potentially cause infection in diabetics.

Especially the neighborhood bedrooms and bathrooms should be clean and well maintained so that the health of diabetics can be in kondisikan with good and healthy.

4. Avoid falls and trauma

Avoid diabetic patients to fall and injury is also one for treating diabetics in order to be healthy and not the case.

Causes of sores on diabetics very sad to recover and potentially be sekuder disease of diabetes such as a yeast infection.

5. Do not forget to wash your hands clean

Wash your hands clean on suggest in health in order to support a healthy and productive life where if health is maintained then the cost to health and medicine can save money.

In addition to the hand skin must also be maintained cleanliness in which shower a day 3 x or more recommended in people with diabetes.

6. Consult Your skin fungus disease

Indeed fungal diseases do infection almost similar to their way of working, where with consult dermatologist or skin specialist can help your complaint.

The doctor will definitely give oral medications and drugs oles anti-fungal yeast which you are suffering.

Anti fungal drug right skin and proper care can help diabetic patients in the healing of wounds and infections.

7. The correct skin fungus Treatment in diabetics

Treatment for mildew on diabetic people need time for 2-3 months, many cases of skin disease that is only done the treatment less than 2 weeks, where the remedy antifungal skin it just to postpone the mold spores grow and do the infection extends.

So if your skin is anti-fungal drugs run out attempt to provide stock for 3 months to cure fungal ointment or brush where if you look at your skin is already free of the fungus, but the potential root of the fungus to thrive or rise again there will and mildew will do infection in one day if you do the treatment in a short time.

Hopefully this health information can help you to empower the health of diabetics.

All this.
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